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U.S.A. – Mexico border: crossing over anyway //// États-Unis – Mexique : par-delà les murs

U.S.A. - Mexico border / Martin Beaulieu - Avidmonkeys

Over one-third of the 2000-mile-long border between the U.S.A. and Mexico stands a wall. Barbwire, cameras, mesh, concrete… The many means employed by the “northern neighbor” to secure the border. In 2009 more than $50 billions had been invested by the American government to counter illegal entries. Yet, the height of the wall seems matched only by the determination of >>

Haiti after earthquake / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

Tibet – A sociocultural portrait / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

DRC – North Kivu – Mass at displaced people camp / MartinBeaulieu – Avid Monkeys

Mozambique – Aids / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

U.S.A. Mexico border / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

Dalai Lama visits Ottawa / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

Haiti elections 2006 / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys


Haiti elections 2006 / Martin Beaulieu - AvidMonkeys

  Honor of Distinction, 3rd place in Photojournalism category with a picture of Haitian elections 2006. An annual international contest, the 5th annual photography Masters Cup Award honors color photography in 18 categories. Visit the winners online gallery to discover great work! //// 3ième place pour une Distinction honorable dans la catégorie Photojournalisme attribuée à une image des élections présidentielles haïtiennes de 2006. La 5ième édition du Annuel Photography Masters Cup , concours international, récompense chaque année >>