Survival in Kivu displaced people camps //// Survivre dans les camps de déplacés du Kivu


Democratic Republic of Congo, September 2009: life in displaced and refugees people camps in North Kivu. This was an assignment for Doctors Without Borders, for their “Condition: Critical” campaign. //// République Démocratique du Congo, septembre 2009: la vie dans les camps de déplacés et réfugiés du Nord Kivu. Ce projet a été réalisé en collaboration avec Médecins Sans Frontières pour la campagne “État: critique”.



U.S.A. – Mexico border: crossing over anyway //// États-Unis – Mexique : par-delà les murs

U.S.A. - Mexico border / Martin Beaulieu - Avidmonkeys

Over one-third of the 2000-mile-long border between the U.S.A. and Mexico stands a wall. Barbwire, cameras, mesh, concrete… The many means employed by the “northern neighbor” to secure the border. In 2009 more than $50 billions had been invested by the American government to counter illegal entries. Yet, the height of the wall seems matched only by the determination of >>

Haiti after earthquake: reminiscences //// Haïti au lendemain du séisme : réminiscences

Haiti seism, Port-au-Prince / Martin Beaulieu - AvidMonkeys

January 12th 2010, earthquake in Haiti. 15 miles away from the epicentre, Port-au-Prince is devastated. These photographs were taken between January 15th and 21st. They are to what remains… //// 12 Janvier 2010, tremblement de terre en Haïti. À 25 km de l’épicentre, Port-au-Prince est ravagée. Ces photographies ont été prises entre le 15 et le 21 janvier. Regard sur >>

Aids in Mozambique: shattering taboos //// Sida au Mozambique : du silence à la parole

Aids in Mozambique: shattering taboos / Martin Beaulieu - AvidMonkeys

As Aids baffling statistics persist, an attempt to grasp, through photography, the daily lives of those touched by the disease remains necessary. To avoid the clean, sterilized front or the crushing impotence often felt through the unbearable imagery, and rather to capture the full complexity of suffering, hope and life in which dignity itself is at stake. Literally, Aids epidemic >>