Haiti after earthquake / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
Tibet – A sociocultural portrait / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
DRC – North Kivu – Mass at displaced people camp / MartinBeaulieu – Avid Monkeys
Mozambique – Aids / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
U.S.A. Mexico border / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
Dalai Lama visits Ottawa / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
Haiti elections 2006 / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys
Democratic Republic of Congo Water slideshow / Martin Beaulieu – AvidMonkeys

AvidMonkeys hear, watch and tell stories. Through photographs & words. Photos and essays by Martin Beaulieu & Sophie Mangado.

AvidMonkeys regardent, écoutent et racontent. En images & en mots. Photos & essais par Martin Beaulieu et Sophie Mangado.

  • U.S.A. - Mexico border / Martin Beaulieu - Avidmonkeys

    Over one-third of the 2000-mile-long border between the U.S.A. and Mexico stands a wall. Barbwire, cameras, mesh, concrete… The many means employed by the “northern neighbor” to secure the border. In 2009 more than $50 billions had been invested by the American government to counter illegal entries. Yet, the height of the wall seems matched only by the determination of >>

  • Rencontres Gaspesie

      WALLED OFF AT THE BORDER : the U.S. /Mexico border project is exhibited in Carleton-sur-mer, along with Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie . On the theme “Shaping the course”, the 3rd edition of the festival features 30 photographers from here and there. An invitation to travel the Gaspé Peninsula! Martin Beaulieu will be there for the professional week, on August 24th for a get-together and discussion on ‘Future and >>